Laser tag - a team game in which players use electronic devices - taggers. Contrary to its name "laser tag" - the taggers emit an infrared ray (as a TV remote), i.e. absolutely safe for the health of participants.

The ray emitted by the tagger is picked up by sensors located on the opponent's head bandage. Sensors of the affected player make a light and sound notification of the player's defeat, and his tagger is turned off. Such a player leaves the playing field until the next round or receives a "revival" and again enters the game.

Depending on the scenario of the game, additional electronic devices are used in the laser tag.

As in paintball after the starting signal players break on the playground, taking the most advantageous positions behind the bunkers. During the game, participants actively move around the site and shooting at the opponent. Any physical contact between players, except for shooting from a tagger, is prohibited.

Because in the laser tag, when shoot, there are no painful feelings, participants are allowed to play from 6 years and older. Lasertag is perfect as a variant of active pastime for everyone who thinks that playing paintball is painful.


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