Paintball is a team game in which players use pneumatic devices - a marker that shoots paintballs to mark rivals. Hence the name "paint" and "ball".

When impact the target, the paintballs are broken and leaves a stain of paint. The player with the paint stain, as a result of the hit of the paintballs, is considered to be eleminated and must leave the playing field until the end of the game point.

For the safety of players, a set of protective gear is used, the main element of which is a mask (goggles).

Paintball is a dynamic game. After the starting signal players break on the playground, occupying the most advantageous positions behind the bunkers. During the game, participants actively move into the field and shooting at the opponent. Any physical contact between players, except for shooting from the marker, is prohibited.

To a game of paintball with standard equipment, participants from 12 years and older are allowed. Players from 8 to 12 years of age use a paintball marker of a smaller caliber.


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